Delivery of the 1st head in France before Christmas !

December 19, 2017

A new Silvatec head arrived in France!
Simon Flensted and Ib Nørlem Kruse (respectively in the photo), the managers of this company, are proud to deliver this new head in the Bretagne forests.
Matfor, distributor in France of Silvatec Forest products, is also here.
We are happy to have met the expectations of the driver of the superb Sleipner. He is delighted to see that we have taken into account his remarks and that we have taken them into consideration. This is our desire that Silvatec be and remain the forest brand that listens and follows the recommendations of the daily users of our machines.

What's new on the head ? 

  • We have been dimensioned / adapted the tilting cylinder so that the head no longer hammers into the chassis frame when either tilting up or down, this has not exceeded how fast the cylinder works in its operating range, having a kind of attenuation in the cylinder, so it's only in the outer positions, the last 2% of the walking in the cylinder, that this "damping" enters into force.


  • The splitter cables and module box have been updated with new CPC connectors, they have been moved, so that they are no longer exposed to "stress", this should extend the ”service life” and prevent unnecessary crashes.


  • The cables to and from the splitter box are expanded. A cranecable has been used in this context. It is much stronger / flexible, we have gone from 0.35 to 1 square mm conductors.


  • The 3 hydraulic hoses from the Tilt block and next to each of the 2 Rollers, we have cut over the middle and assembled in a "assembly". For obvious benefits - , it is not the entire hydraulic hose that should be replaced, if necessary, and, in addition, it is difficult for 90 "couplings at both ends of a hydraulic hose..

Please see our video of the tilting sytem... 

1st delivery in France - A new head comes to France

October 14, 2017

After the resumption of the production of harvester heads of Silvatec brand during the year, Silvatec Forest is proud to announce its first delivery in France, and certainly not the last.
After a very difficult phase for Silvatec, customers have remained faithful and convinced by the performance and reliability of the Silvatec head.
Our team thanks its customers who trust our company!

Matfor - Exclusive dealer in France

August 31, 2017

Silvatec Forest has decided to be represented by Matfor company in France !

For several years, Matfor has supported the Silvatec brand by distributing its products, providing technical support to French customers and selling spare parts.

For these reasons, Silvatec Forest has decided to appoint Matfor as its exclusive distributor of harvester head, and Silvatec spare parts.

Matfor is therefore your French interlocutor for any orders of Silvatec Forest product (harvesting heads), Silvatec original parts (OEM) for harvester, forwarder and chipper, and for any technical assistance.

The production of the Silvatec's harvester head took over !

August 14, 2017

Since the middle of 2017, Silvatec Forest has bought Silvatec's production of harvester heads. We are able to produce and deliver HH450, HH560 and FB350 heads.

Silvatec Forest is also able to supply all parts of the Silvatec brand products, ie parts relating to harvesters, forwarders and chippers.

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